Parts List

C036909 Air Strainer $4.17
C043154 Shut Off Valve $1.91
C077054 Throttle Valve Spring $4.17
C087316 O-Ring $4.17
C092292 Air Inlet Bushing $11.54
C125868 O-Ring $1.91
F035269 Retainer Lock Ring $3.79
F815167 Throttle Lever $90.43
P072333 Lower Sleeve $18.45
P083071 O-Ring $1.91
P133757 Throttle Lever Pin $Quote
P142921 Cycling Valve $3.86
P144138 Throttle Valve Bushing $11.54
P144147 Dowel Pin $2.03
P144202 Throttle Valve $19.26
P144481 Handle $Quote
P144482 Cylinder Flange $Quote
P144709 Shut Off Spring $Quote
P144710 Shut Off Rod $Quote
P144711 Shut Off Rod $Quote
P144712 Shut Off Seat $Quote
P144713 Upper Valve Lid $Quote
P144714 Lower Valve Lid $60.98
P144715 Cylinder - 11" $Quote
P144716 Cylinder - 8" $Quote
P144717 Cap Screw $1.91
P144719 Chisel Retainer $Quote
P144720 Upper Sleeve $90.43
P144721 Piston $Quote
P144722 Valve Case $20.90
P144723 Clamp Ring $Quote
P144783 Lock Washer $Quote
P145268 Exhaust Deflector $Quote
P145327 Push Spring $15.38
P145328 Push Plunger - OUT OF PRODUCTION $Quote
P145329 Plug - OUT OF PRODUCTION $Quote
9753218082 Bumper - Rubber $4.17