Parts List

A0346 Hose Nipple - Male 3/4" To 1/2" $Quote
B0111 Stop Pin Spring $6.69
B12249 Grip Handle Stud Nut $3.29
D02321 Base Cap Screw Lock Washer** $Quote
D02455 Hose Nipple - Male $7.76
D02506 Cap Screw** $Quote
D02537 Throttle Body Set Screw Lock Washer $Quote
D04366 Spindle Thrust Bearing $12.14
D0F9879 Grease Fitting $Quote
DLC504B Back Head Cap Screw Washer $Quote
H54U352 Lock Washer $1.00
JA471 Oiler Adjusting Screw $Quote
JA475 Oiler Felt $3.21
L0167 Lock Washer -10 pack $9.26
MP115A Governor Lever Pin** $Quote
N1612 Stop Cock $Quote
P25227 Oil Chamber Plug $27.86
P35431 Governor Valve Auxiliary Spring** $Quote
R00B1139 Muffler Screen Retainer $Quote
R18LF21 Reverse Valve Seal $2.86
R22H210 Air Port Gasket $8.69
R22H471 Forward Inlet Stud $Quote
R22N51564A Motor Mounting Base $Quote
R27 Bit Chuck Set Wrench $Quote
R2J561 Reverse Lever Set Screw $4.37
R2N152 Intermediate Gear Bearing $Quote
R33H11 Front End Plate $340.57
R33H12 Rear End Plate $245.14
R33H203 Cylinder $Quote
R33H23 Exhaust Deflector $74.57
R33H312 Exhaust Deflector Screw $Quote
R33H313 Muffler Screen $Quote
R33H360 Throttle Sleeve $Quote
R33H3A Cylinder $423.43
R33H409 Throttle Body $390.80
R33H40A Motor Housing $Quote
R33H472 Reverse Inlet Stud $Quote
R33H513 Cylinder $Quote
R33H5140 Roll Throttle Motor Housing $Quote
R33H51439 Exhaust Bushing $Quote
R33H51RC40 Remote Control Motor Housing $Quote
R33H53B Rotor $300.37
R33HA329 Reverse Valve $Quote
R33HA409 Roll Throttle Ass'y - Manual Closing $405.00
R33HA41 Grip Handle Ass'y $1,695.86
R33HA518 Throttle Ass'y - Self Closing Roll $Quote
R33N573 Intermediate Gear Bearing Spacer $Quote
R33N82 Intermediate Gear $Quote
R33N9 Spindle Gear $Quote
R33PS1487 Throttle Sector $667.29
R33PSB518 Throttle Ass'y $Quote
R33SM40A Motor Housing $Quote
R33SM51277 Rear Mounting Bracket Spacer $Quote
R33SM51290 Motor Mounting Stud $Quote
R33SM51303 Front Mounting Bracket $Quote
R33SM51304 Rear Mounted Bracket $Quote
R33SM51364 Motor Housing Anchor $Quote
R33SM51378 Gear Case Cover $Quote
R33SM5140 Roll Throttle Motor Housing $Quote
R33SM51461 Motor Mounting Stud Cap $Quote
R33SM518 Spindle $Quote
R33SM51B8 Spindle Ass'y $Quote
R33SM51RC40 Remote Control Motor Housing $Quote
R33SM54708 Water Attachment Spindle $Quote
R33SM54709 Spindle Water Tube - Old Style $Quote
R33SM547131 Auger Adaptor $Quote
R33SM54790 Water Tube Sleeve $Quote
R33SM54792 Water Tube Sleeve Cap $Quote
R33SM54793 Cap Bushing $Quote
R33SM54A160 Throttle Lever Ass'y $Quote
R33SM54A809 Spindle Water Tube - New Style $Quote
R33SM54A812 Swivel Joint - New Style $Quote
R33SW1511/2 Wood Bit Chuck $549.00
R33SW1515/8 Wood Bit Chuck $Quote
R33W149 Bit Chuck Set Screw Retainer $12.90
R33W150 Bit Chuck Set Screw $5.54
R33W1511/2 Wood Bit Chuck $371.29
R33W82A Intermediate Gear $Quote
R33W9A Spindle Gear $Quote
R3H102A Back Head $Quote
R3H103 Gear Case Bolt $Quote
R3H108 Spindle ** $Quote
R3H114 Drill Ejecting Pin $61.79
R3H14 Spindle Packing $5.03
R3H15 Spindle Packing Nut $Quote
R3H214 Socket Adaptor $Quote
R3H22 Rear Rotor Bearing $19.71
R3H24 Front Rotor Bearing $17.36
R3H283 Back Head Gasket $6.69
R3H290A Outer Feed Screw $Quote
R3H291 Inner Feed Screw $Quote
R3H294 Use Em Up Spindle $Quote
R3H395 Use Em Up Ejecting Pin $Quote
R3H408 Ejecting Pin Packing $Quote
R3H4114 Drill Ejecting Pin $Quote
R3H414 Spindle Packing $5.66
R3H415 Spindle Packing Nut $Quote
R3H425A Governor Valve $Quote
R3H429A Governor Valve Bushing $Quote
R3H42A5 Vane Packet - Set Of 5 $28.40
R3H431 Governor Valve Spring ** $Quote
R3H433 Governor Valve Cap $Quote
R3H4408 Ejecting Pin Packing $Quote
R3H4510 Spindle Bearing $Quote
R3H480 Spindle Thrust Ring $Quote
R3H50 Grip Handle Ejecting Pin $155.43
R3H502 Intermediate Gear Bearing Stud $Quote
R3H510 Spindle Bearing Race $120.86
R3H511 Spindle Bearing Top Plate $77.14
R3H512 Spindle Bearing Roller $7.50
R3H513 Spindle Bearing Cage $324.00
R3H51303 Front Mounted Bracket $Quote
R3H5137 Gear Case $Quote
R3H514 Spindle Bearing Bottom Plate $83.57
R3H518 Spindle $Quote
R3H51A8 Spindle Ass'y $Quote
R3H527 Feed Screw Dowel Pin $Quote
R3H565 Air Strainer Body $78.43
R3H567 Air Strainer Screen Support $41.14
R3H57 Cap Screw $6.11
R3H61 Air Strainer Screen $12.34
R3H65 Rotor Bearing Spacer $66.00
R3H66 Cap Screw $3.21
R3H68A Cap Screw $2.14
R3H98A Cylinder Dowel Pin $Quote
R3HA108 Spindle Ass'y $Quote
R3HA291 Feed Screw Ass'y $1,375.71
R3HA294 Use Em Up Spindle Ass'y $Quote
R3HA424 Weight Type Governor Ass'y $452.14
R3HA79 Breast Plate Ass'y $Quote
R3J4108 Spindle $Quote
R3J4294 Use Em Up Spindle $Quote
R3J4395 Use Em Up Ejecting Pin $Quote
R3J51A8 Spindle Ass'y $Quote
R3J82A Intermediate Gear $Quote
R3J9 Spindle Gear $Quote
R3JA108 Spindle Ass'y $Quote
R3JA294 Use Em Up Spindle Ass'y $Quote
R3K4108 Spindle $Quote
R3K4294 Use Em Up Spindle $Quote
R3M4108 Spindle $Quote
R3M4294 Use Em Up Spindle $Quote
R3M4395 Use Em Up Ejecting Pin $Quote
R3M4B108 Spindle Ass'y $Quote
R3M4B294 Use Em Up Spindle Ass'y $Quote
R3SH108 Spindle $Quote
R3SH114 Drill Ejecting Pin $Quote
R3SH294 Use Em Up Spindle $Quote
R3SH327 Extension Spindle $Quote
R3SH395 Use Em Up Ejecting Pin $Quote
R3SHA108 Spindle Ass'y $Quote
R3SHA294 Use Em Up Spindle Ass'y $Quote
R3SHA327 Extension Spindle Ass'y $Quote
R3SJA108 Spindle Ass'y $Quote
R3SJA294 Use Em Up Spindle Ass'y $Quote
R3SJA327 Extension Spindle Ass'y $Quote
R3SK51A8 Spindle Ass'y $Quote
R3SK82A Intermediate Gear $Quote
R3SK9 Spindle Gear $Quote
R3SKA108 Spindle Ass'y $Quote
R3SKA294 Use Em Up Spindle Ass'y $Quote
R3SKA327 Extension Spindle Ass'y $Quote
R3SM100 Spindle Thrust Bearing Spacer $Quote
R3SM103 Gear Case Bolt $27.00
R3SM108 Spindle $Quote
R3SM114 Drill Ejecting Pin $Quote
R3SM126 Cap Screw $4.24
R3SM191 Planet Gear Shaft $Quote
R3SM294 Use Em Up Spindle $Quote
R3SM367 Planet Gear Frame $Quote
R3SM37 Gear Case $Quote
R3SM378 Gear Case Cover $Quote
R3SM406 Internal Gear $Quote
R3SM408 Ejecting Pin Packing $Quote
R3SM410 Spindle Gear Or Planet Gear Key $Quote
R3SM498 Intermediate Gear Thrust Washer ** $Quote
R3SM501 Intermediate Gear Bearing $Quote
R3SM502 Intermediate Gear Shaft $Quote
R3SM570 Intermediate Gear Thrust Plate $Quote
R3SM573 Intermediate Gear Bearing Spacer $Quote
R3SM574 Planet Gear Frame Set Screw $Quote
R3SM82 Intermediate Gear $Quote
R3SM83 Thrust Ring Retainer $Quote
R3SM9 Spindle Gear $Quote
R3SMA367 Planet Gear Frame Ass'y $Quote
R3SMB108 Spindle Ass'y $Quote
R3SMB294 Use Em Up Spindle Ass'y $Quote
R40214 Socket Adaptor $Quote
R40610 Spindle Key $Quote
R4103 Socket Pin Retainer ** $Quote
R4158 Throttle Valve Face Retaining Screw $2.96
R4265 Thrust Plate Dowel Pin ** $Quote
R44L54115 Coupling $Quote
R44L54712 Swivel Joint - Old Style $Quote
R44SM5115 Spindle Packing Nut $Quote
R4F436 Governor Lever $Quote
R4H157 Throttle Valve Face Cap $13.89
R4H159 Throttle Valve Face $Quote
R4H302 Throttle Valve - All Steel $Quote
R4H305 Throttle Sleeve $217.29
R4H306 Throttle Valve Lift Pin $75.86
R4H317 Throttle Cam $154.29
R4H402 Throttle Valve - Rubber Faced $144.00
R4H566 Air Strainer Cap $58.29
R4HA565 Air Strainer Ass'y $201.86
R4J214 Socket Adaptor $Quote
R55H314 Reverse Lever $199.29
RM3H37A Gear Case $Quote
RM3H437A Gear Case $Quote
T01225A Solid Taper Shank Reamer Chuck $Quote
T01308 Throttle Valve Spring $7.60
T01347 Chuck Nut $Quote
T0138 Reamer Chuck Bushing $Quote
T0143A Protective Nut $Quote
T0145A Taper Shank Reamer $Quote
T0154 Interchangeable Reamer Chuck Cap $Quote
T01A45A Interchangeable Reamer Chuck Assembly $Quote
T02255A Solid Taper Shank Reamer Chuck $Quote
T0243A Protection Nut $64.63
T0245A Taper Shank Reamer Chuck $Quote
T02A45A Interchangable Retainer Chuck Ass'y $Quote
T0544 Reverse Inlet Stud Lock Screw ** $Quote
T0558 Sector Cover Screw Lock Washer $2.96
T06139 Gear Case Bolt Nut $1.64
T12347 Chuck Nut $Quote
T1SE368 Oil Chamber Plug $Quote
TA41 Grip Handle $232.71
TAA418 Throttle Valve Spring $16.00
TAA426 Lift Pin Roller $20.69
TB394 Intermediate Gear Bearing $2.63
TB410 Spindle Gear Key $Quote
TC18 Feed Handle Key $2.63
TC2 Feed Handle $Quote
TC244 Center Feed Screw $Quote
TC364 Dead Handle Stud $146.57
TC365 Suspension Ring $Quote
TC388A Feed Handle Lock Nut $Quote
TC392 Feed Screw Cap $Quote
TC447 Grip Bolt Nut $313.71
TC448 Stud $Quote
TC461 Feed Screw Cover $262.50
TC48 Dead Handle $Quote
TC79 Breast Plate $Quote
TCC306A Throttle Valve Lift Pin $124.29
TCC334 Lever Throttle Connector $Quote
TCC427A Throttle Sector - Manual Closing $Quote
TCC428 Reverse Valve Sector $121.14
TCC429A Sector Cover $54.86
TCC430 Sector Cover Screw $3.26
TCC431 Stop Pin $Quote
TCC437A Throttle Sector - Self Closing $371.43
TCCW433 Throttle Body Set Screw $13.60
TCCW493 Forward Inlet Stud Lock Screw $Quote
W54215 Socket Pin $Quote
12SR262 Lever Throttle Valve Spring $6.21
13SR264 Throttle Lever Pin $2.57
13SR26S Throttle Lever Stop Pin $Quote
33SR160 Lever Throttle Body $Quote
33SR161 Throttle Valve Lever $Quote
33SR162S Lever Throttle Valve Bushing $Quote
33SR163 Throttle Lever $22.86
33SR164 Lever Throttle Valve Cap** $Quote
34U215A Socket Pin $26.23
34U216 Socket Pin Retainer $3.51
23188 Grease Fitting $3.54
410283 Water Tube Seal $5.14
435159 Throttle Valve Face $1.79
504816 Socket Retainer $Quote
533652 Planet Gear $Quote
533654 Planet Gear Roller $Quote
533655 Roller Retaining Plate $Quote
534330 Reverse Valve Bushing ** $Quote