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Breaking Concrete Cutting Asphalt Tamping Digging


Freedom of movement, zero set-up time

From the leading supplier of demolition tools comes the Red Hawk gas powered breaker. Tough and well designed, the Red Hawk is ideal for small jobs or for working in remote locations.

A multi-purpose tool

With no compressors, hoses or cables to set up, gas-powered breakers are ideal for smaller jobs. An impressive range of tools make the Red Hawk extremely flexible and the 7/8” and 4-1/4” steels make for rapid penetration of concrete.

Use the rugged and versatile Red Hawk to:

  • Dig
  • Break Concrete
  • Cut Asphalt
  • Drive posts and fences
  • Drive rods and spikes
  • Tamp and compact soil
  • Tamp ballast/ties

With a wide range of tools, you can use the Red Hawk for everything from cutting and breaking to driving and compacting. Whether you need to just break a small patch of concrete, or drive a tent stake, you can get the job finished with a gasoline-powered machine in the same amount of time it takes to set up a compressor and hoses.


Low emissions, vibrations and noise level

Red Hawk is a modern tool that meets emerging regulations. Equipped with a catalytic converter and newly designed carburetor, the machine meets tough US emission regulations EPA1. In addition, a silencer has reduced the noise level from 114 dB to 107 dB, thereby fulfilling the European Noise Emission Directive.

Easy to start

With a choke control, carburetor and user-friendly instructions, the Red Hawk easy to start.

An optional guide roller makes it easier to pull downwards to start the machine when it is placed higher up. Order part number 9234 0009 38.

startingEasy to transport

The Red Hawk weighs in at about 50 pounds. Each comes with its own carrying case which fits easily into the trunk of your car.

Vibration-dampening handles


Vibration-dampening handles have reduced vibration levels from 8 to less than 4.8 m/s2.

Free shipping via UPS Ground within Continental United States



Part No.
Width over Handles
Tool Shank
Sound Level
(ISO 3744)
Vibration Level
(ISO 8662)
Red Hawk 8318-0900-02 50.5 27.3 11.0 23.0 7/8 x 4-1/4 107 4.7 $3,705.00
Cooling System
Starter System
Recommended Fuel
Oil Type
Oil Mix
Fuel Capacity
US Gal
Fuel Consumption
US Ga/hr
Impact Rate
2 Stroke
1 kW
Forced Air
Recoil Starter
Synthetic two-strok oil or similar

pdf Data Sheet, 950K

A tool for every job

At Chicago Pneumatic, we maintain a comprehensive range of chisels so that you can select the right tool for the job.

Chicago Pneumatic chisels are among the hardest wearing on the market. A controlled heat treatment process imparts both strength and high wear resistance to deep surface layers while maintaining a tough shock resistant central core to resist breakage.

The striking face is end-milled. This results in better contact between the piston and the tool, improved transfer of energy, as well as less vibration and wear on both hammer and chisel.


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