We distribute quality APT Air Tools: Paving Breakers, Rock Drills, Backfill Tampers, Chipping Hammers and other tools for the construction and mining industries.

Airgo Ergonomic Pneumatic Paving Breakers

The Airgo-Line™ Paving Breakers use the Airgo-Line™ handle assembly which is designed to be a vibration dampening handle. The ergonomically designed handle absorbs at least 50% of the harmful vibration to the hands and arms of the operator.


  • Airgo-Line™ Ergonomic Back Head (interchangeable with standard Back Head) reduces operator fatigue
  • Automatic Ball Valve
  • Drop forged, steel handle
  • Built in automatic oiler
  • Rubber handle grips
  • Latch type retainer
  • Swivel hose connection with universal coupler
  • Four bolt back head
  • Noise dampening muffler available

Mufflers sold separately


paving breaker

APT Model 140A Paving Breaker

The Model 140A is a rugged, yet light weight paving breaker designed for light to medium construction work. It is ideally suited for plant maintenance, such as light demolition of floors, masonry walls, pavement, and frozen ground. This tool is also very popular for bridge deck jobs.

Part No. Description Chuck Size (in) Impact Rate (bpm) Air Consumption (cfm) Weight (lb) Price
18041 Model 140A 1 x 4-¼ 1500 48 46 CALL
paving breaker

APT Model 160A Paving Breaker

The Model 160A, a 60lb class paving breaker, is a hard-hitting tool that can be used for medium to heavy demolition work and concrete breaking. The Model 160A is one of the best general purpose breakers around and one of the best tools on the market for asphalt cutting.

Part No. Description Chuck Size (in) Impact Rate (bpm) Air Consumption (cfm) Weight (lb) Price
17746 Model 160A 1-18 x 6 1680 60-65 70 $1,625.00
17747 Model 160A 1-¼ x 6 1680 60-65 70


paving breaker

APT Model 190A Paving Breaker

Tough and dependable, the high performance Model 190A Paving Breaker is the most powerful tool American Pneumatic Tools makes. It is designed for big jobs such as heavy demolition and concrete breaking. Since the Model 190A has the ability to penetrate the hardest concrete it is the tool of choice for road building and foundation removal.

Part No. Description Chuck Size (in) Impact Rate (bpm) Air Consumption (cfm) Weight (lb) Price
18618 Model 190A 1-18 x 6 1350 75-80 90 $1,705.00
18619 Model 190A 1-¼ x 6 1350 75-80 90 $1,705.00