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PL-3 Hydraulic Post Puller

PL-3The PL-3 Hydraulic Post Puller is our tried and true hand operated hydraulic puller. This time tested puller is designed to provide the power of hydraulics in an easy to use portable platform that takes all the effort out of heavy duty pulling jobs. The PL-3 weighs only 53 lbs (24 kg) and is easily operated by one man.


PL-3 Hydraulic Post Puller

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PL-3 Post Puller

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71040 Post Grabber (sold seperately) $474.03 Add
71041 Panel Post Grabber (sold seperately) $112.21 Add
71042 Tent Stake Puller (sold seperately) $98.00 Add
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Model: PL-3 Hydraulic Post Puller

Model Number: 71000

Height: 36-14" (934mm)

Width and Length: 12" x 12-14" (305 x 311mm)

Hook Opening: 1" (25.4mm)

Cable: 38" (9.5mm)

Pulling Stroke: 17" (432mm)

Weight: Approx. 53lbs (24kg)

  • Pulls a 34" ground rod, 10 ft deep
  • Pulls a 4"x6" steel guard rail post, 3 ft deep
  • Pulls a standard 4" square wood post, 3 ft deep


Step 1: The puller is positioned with the post between its feet. The hydraulic cylinder is collapsed and the hook removed from its carrying position.

Step 2: A post grabber (sold seperately)or a chain is placed around the post and the puller's hook attached to the post grabber. Then the safety restraint is attached to the cable eye above the hook.

Step 3: The hydraulic valve is closed and the operator activates the hydraulic pump producing over 3 tons of pressure to pull the post. In two minutes, a post 3 feet (0.9 m) is pulled. The safety restraint is removed after the post starts moving.

Step 4: After pulling the post, the PL-3 is returned to carrying configuration.