Can I Run Your Hydraulic Tools on My Power Source?

Hydraulic Tools with Your Power Source

Can I Run Your Hydraulic Tools on My Power Source?

Chicago Pneumatic’s hydraulic tools are made to run on their power pacs.  However, these tools will run on any hydraulic power source that is capable of providing the flow and pressures that fall within the parameters of the tool. The published hydraulic requirements are specific and the tool will not work properly and/or can be damaged if pressure or flow rates are in excess of the tools tolerances.

The typical flow from skid steers and many tractors is greater than what is tolerated by the tools so you may need to reduce the flow and pressure from your machine to avoid damaging the tools.  The 1st thing to do is to determine your machine’s output at idle to see if it falls in the hydraulic tool’s parameters or if you will need an oil flow divider.  

Chicago Pneumatic offers two different oil flow dividers that will reduce the pressure and dump the excess flow back into the return line.  The OFD20 will handle up to 15.85 gpm and is capable of reducing flow down to the requirements for their smaller hydraulic tools.  The OFD30 is capable of handling up to 31 gpm and is appropriate for their larger tools.  Generally these dividers are “plug and play” and usually they do not require further adjustment.  However, in rare cases, the customer may need to have access to a flow and pressure meters and make appropriate adjustments for their model of tractor.

The last consideration is back flow pressure.  Percussive tools in particular require the ability to void hydraulic fluid quickly.   Most skid steers/tractors have a clean return line but if your machine has several tight turns and restrictions going back to the tank – you may need to plumb a return line directly back to your tank to alleviate this issue.   You might visually track your return line to see if it looks pretty direct.

For instance – the PDR post drivers require 5-8 gpm flow with a max working pressure of 1500-2000 psi and less than 400 psi of back flow pressure.  

The power pac is a great addition to any company’s equipment fleet and eliminates the need to consider flow/pressure/backflow pressure, and the need for more hydraulic hose.   (The most popular pacs come with 23’ of hose.)  The pacs are made to be energy efficient and even stop flow when the tool is not operating.  This reduces fuel consumption and hydraulic fluid temperature.  The majority of our tools are running off of customer owned power sources but these are worthy considerations when making your decision on whether to run tools from your machine or from a dedicated power pac

Chicago Pneumatic will not warrant tools which have been over pressured in conjunction with an alternative power source.  If you have any questions regarding these tools, we will be available to take your calls for both pre and post sales advice and technical support.  888-883-5144


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