Mobile Air Compressors by Chicago Pneumatic



 The power to get the job done!

Designed for demanding job sites, our compressors allow operators to run muliple hand tools and hammers at the same time for maximum efficiency.  They are also ideal for sandblasting, irrigation blow-outs andgeneral construction applications.  With noise reducing enclosure, straigtforward controls and low-maintenance deisgn, they are built for reliable performance day in and day out.



Portable, powerful and tough.  These words describe best our latest addition ot our portfolio of portable air compressors.  The Red Rock range makes sure to fit all of your needs, dealing with the toughest construction conditions as well as showing high efficienty performance.

Portable:  Thanks to the polyethylene canopy, the Red Rock range compressors are lightweight and easy to transport.

Powerful:  Power up to two (2) 90lb breakers easily.

Tough:  The Red Rock canopy is made from extra tough polyethylene, protecting the working parts and ensuring your compressor looks and performs to its maximum, day in and day out.


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These compressors were made for integration on utility vehicles.  Thanks to its lightweight design, it's compact and easy to use.

Single side service and the built-in corrosion protection make a perfect fit for your utility truck, no matter where you go.






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 Our medium range air compressors offers you a robust design which makes them ready for the most challenging tasks.  They offer the power to get any job done at your construction site.  Easy to service, thanks to our simple control panel.  Covering a full 8-hour shift?  Don't worry.  Our medium range air compressors have got you covered.





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Looking for a high-performance diesel air compressor?  Our large air compressor range offers presures from 100-250psi and flows from 575-1800cfm.  Their robust design makes them ready for the most challenging weather conditions.  Whether you're working in high or low temperatures.  Easy to service, thanks to our simple control panel.  Covering full  8 hour shifts?  Don't worry.  Our range of large air compressors got you covered.





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