Atlas Copco Hydraulic Accessories

Oil Dividers

Run Your Hydraulic Tools from your Skid Steer, Tractor or Backhoe!

Use your auxiliary hydraulics port to power your hydraulic tools by connecting an oil divider and extension hoses.

The oil flow divider allows you to run tools from hydraulic powered carriers by reducing flow and pressure. An extension hose is required to connect the divider to the tool.

Machines with excessive oil flow or pressure can still be used as a power source with an oil flow divider

***In order for tools to run properly. Hydraulic flow and pressure must be within the tools operating range and return line back flow pressure must be less than 250psi.

***Because tools can be damaged by hydraulic systems with excessive oil flow or pressure, we can not warrantee or accept tools for return unless they are powered by an Atlas Copco Power Pack.

Oil flow dividers will reduce pressure and flow but will not reduce back flow pressure in some cases on machine with high oil flow, the oil flow divider can increase back flow pressure. It is recommended to check with you skid steers or tractors manufacture to verify that the hydraulic systems falls within the parameters required by the tool.

In most cases back flow pressure can be eliminated by routing return lines directly to tank.

Part No Description Max oil flow rate (gpm) Regulated oil flow rate (gpm) EHTMA Price
1801163319 OFD 5 Oil Flow Divider 16.00 5   $1,202.66
AC-1801164232 OFD 30 Oil flow divider 31.00 6.0-10 D $1,519.61


Extension Hoses

By adding one or two 23 ft extension hoses you can use up to 70 ft of hose with no significant drop in pressure. The hoses are light and flexible and are fitted with flat-face, quick-release couplings. (Extension hoses come as standard with LP 9-20 and LP 13-30 P).

Part No Description Length (in) Couplings:  Flat Face Quick Release (dim) EHTMA Price
AC-3371801087 Twin Extension Hose 23 12 C/d $1,033.09
AC-3371801089 Twin Extension Hose 39 12 C/D $1,307.98
Fitting Compatability
Parker Flat Face FF-371-8FP Coupling
  FF-372-8FP Nipple

Hydraulic Oil

Biodegradable oil for Atlas Copco Power Packs. Excellent anti-wear properties and good protection against corrosion.

Part No Description Size Viscosity at 40C (cSt) Flash point (°F) Pour point temp (°F) Price
3382070086 Hydraulic Bio Oil 4 ltr 46     $126.73