Atlas Copco Hydraulic Post Drivers

Atlas Copco Hydraulic Post Drivers provide stable high-speed driving for a variety of post sizes, making them versatile tools for driving road barriers, tubes, signposts, fences, and many other purposes.


  • Push-down trigger system for driving light fences, tent stakes and ground rods.
  • High Back Pressure Acceptance that allows you to operate from almost any hydraulic outlet—even on skid steers with high return pressure systems,
  • Wide range of adaptors
  • Up to 150mm (5.91") pole diameters
  • Built-in on/off valve for short pole driving and a remote-controlled valve to accomodate a wide range of anchors and poles.

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Part No   KAPD-23
Activation Type   Trigger Lever
Hydraulic System   Open Center
Weight, including hoses lbs 30
Service Weight, with Adaptors lbs 70
Length in 19
Oil Flow, Maximum gpm 5.3
Working Pressure psi 1160-1450
Max Pressure Relief Valve Setting psi 2500
Max Back Pressure psi 150
Impact Rate bpm 2300
Vibration Level 3 Axes (ISO 28927-10) m/s2 17.5
Sound Power Level Guaranteed, Lw (2000/14/EC)* dB(A) 116
Sound Pressure Level (ISO 11203)* Lp, r=1m dB(A) 102
Chuck Size - see table below in 1.8" 
Price   $2,100.00


  KAPD23-CK18 T-Post Chuck (included with KAPD-23) $162.00
KAPD23-CK225 21/4" Chuck $162.00
KAPD23-CK250 21/2" Chuck $162.00
KAPD23-CK300 3" Chuck $189.00
KAPD23-CK2x4 2" X 4" Aluminum Chuck $216.00
KAPD23-CKUCHAN Slotted Chuck $173.00
KAPD23GRDC100 1" Ground Rod Drive Cap $103.00
KAPD23GRDC625 5/8" Ground Rod Drive Cap $103.00
KAPD23GRDC750 3/4" Ground Rod Drive Cap $103.00
KAPD23GRDC875 7/8" Ground Rod Drive Cap $103.00
  KAPD23DC51PIN 2" Round Drive Cap - 3" Nose Required $119.00
KAPD23DC45SQ 13/4" Square Drive Cap - 3" Nose Required $119.00
KAPD23DC51SQ 2" Square Drive Cap - 3" Nose Required $119.00
Hydraulic Post Driver

Post Driver Models

Part No   AC-1801404002 AC-1801405002 AC-1801394006 AC-1801414000 AC-1801415000
Activation Type   Trigger Lever Remove Valve Handle Bar Trigger Lever Remove Valve
Hydraulic System   Open Center Open or Closed Center  Open or Closed Center Open Center Open or Closed Center
Weight lb 71 73 39 86 88
Working Pressure psi 1523-2031 1523-2031 1160-1450 1523-1813 1523-1813
Impact Rate bpm 1680 1680 2300 1320 1320
Chuck Size in See table below 




Price   $3,075.00 $3,075.00




Post Driver Adaptors

  Part No. Description Price
Universal Adapter AC-3371806033 Universal Adaptor $93.29
Square Adapter AC-3371806032 Square Adaptor 2-18" $76.13
Round Adapter AC-3371806034 Round Adaptor 3.8" $83.68
Round Drive Cap PD-M-51PIN-350 2" Round Drive Cap 3" Pin $152.00
  3371806056 LPD-LD Driver Adapter - Round Bushing - 58" $376.52
  3371806057 LPD-LD Driver Adapter - Round Bushing - 1" $104.05
  3371806058 LPD-LD Driver Adapter - Round Driver Head - 2-12" for Poles or Tubes $413.82
Additional Drive Caps
Hydraulic Power Pac Information

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