Medium Weight (40lb Class) Rock Drills

Choosing a Rock Drill

The high power-to-weight ratios and compact, versatile designs of the RH 57  rock drills enable simple positioning and easy handling.  And their high penetration rate means you get the job done quickly, for maximum productivity.

RH drills are designed for bench drilling, secondary drilling, and drilling for smooth blasting.  Because of its light weight, the RH 571 is most suited for smaller jobs. 

The extra flushing air valve is a special feature that provides simple, rapid cleaning of the drill hole for increased operational efficiency. To simplify the changing of drill steels, the drills are designed with a robust kick-latch type retainer that locks the drill steel into position.  Both machines have rifle-bar rotation, with slower rotation and high impact energy, perfect for drilling in hard rock.  They are also equipped with T-handles for a solid, comfortable grip.

Atlas Copco Medium Weight Rock Drill      
Part No. Description Shank size (in) Weight (lb) Air consumption (cfm) Impact frequency (bpm) Rotation speed (rpm) Penetration rate (in/min) Price
AC-8311032010 SRD 20E 78 x 4 14 53 83  2040 190 11.6 QUOTE