Atlas Copco Hydraulic Power Packs

You can use the Atlas Copco power packs virtually anywhere: fitted with wheels and handles, they are easy to manuever around building sites. They are easy to start, the noise level is low, and when they are not in use, the power packs are small enough to be stored on shelves. They are also lightweight enough that two people can lift one up and fit it in the back of a van.

The reliable motor, whether you choose gas, diesel or electric, supplies hydraulic power in accordance with the “Power-on-Demand” principle, the power pack runs idle until the tool begins to work. The power packs are protected by a strong frame made of steel tube. They have been tested for more than 1000 hours of operation and with several thousand units in daily operation.

$150 Flat Rate LTL/Truck Shipping to Commercial destinations*
$250 flat rate for Residential destinations in Continental US. Rates will be quoted for Alaska, Hawaii and all international destinations.

Part No. Description Hose incl. Motor/Engine Elec. start Weight (lb) Oil flow (gpm) Max pressure (psi) EHMTA Price
AC-1807011032 LP 13-30 P PAC Yes 13 HP Honda Gas No 201 5-8 2175 C/D $5,995.00
AC-1807016041 LP 18-30 PE PAC  No 18 HP B&S Vanguard Gas Yes 260 5-8 2466 C/D $8,415.00
AC-1807016038 LP 18-40 PE PAC  No 18 HP B&S Vanguard Gas Yes 260 5-10 3103 C/D/E $8,575.00
AC-1807016016 LP 18-2X20/1X40 PE PAC*  No 18 HP B&S Vanguard Gas Yes 245 2x5/1x10 2103 C/E $8,280.00

Hydraulic Oil

Biodegradable oil for Atlas Copco Power Packs. Excellent anti-wear properties and good protection against corrosion.

Part No Description  Size Viscosity @ 40C (cSt) Price
3382070086 Hydraulic Bio Oil 4 Ltr 46 $126.73
Hydraulic Biodegradable Oil