Pneumatic Pick Hammers

Choosing a Breaking Tool

Fitted with D-type handles, machines in the TEX 09 and TEX 12 series are the lightest and most productive medium-weight pick hammers in their class. TEX 09 and TEX 12 pick hammers are extremly reliable machines.  Available in a variety of models, they go on giving the same high level of performance under the toughest conditions.

There are several versions to choose from, making it possible to cater to the needs in many different applications.  All versions are silenced. The TEX 09 and TEX 12 come with a special two-step trigger that makes the job easier by giving you full chisel control.


  • SOFSTART - Thanks to Sofstart you keep the chisel point where you want it.  The two-step trigger helps out with first critical cuts.
  • HAPS makes it happen - Vibro-reduction means that talented workers can work longer, without reaching harmful vibration levels.
  • Hand Friendly - The air cushion system has basically removed metal-to-metal contacts.  The piston only turns on air cushions at both ends of the cylinder.
  • Get a grip - A screw cap retainer provides a comfortable grip.
  • Save your ears - The effective silencer makes work easier.  All our products meet the European noise emission directive.
TEX 10 Pneumatic Pick Hammer

Standard Pick Hammers

Part No. Description Shank size (in) Weight (lb) Length (in) Air consumption (cfm) Impact frequency (bpm) Tool retainer Price
AC-8461021102 TEX 09PS* 78 x 3 14 22 20 39 1800 Cap $1,020.00
AC-8461021106 TEX 09PS KL* 78 x 3 14 22 20 39 1800 Latch $1,020.00
AC-8461021132 TEX 10 PSKL 78 x 3 14 27.6 21.5 0.75 1600 Latch $1,145.00
AC-8461021116 TEX 12 PS KL* 78 x 3 14 25 20 47 1800 Latch $1,225.00
AC-8461021127 TEX 12 PS* 78 x 3 14 25 20 47 1800  Cap $1,225.00

** Claw Coupling are not included with delivery


Please Note: Atlas Copco will not accept returns on line items of $155.00 or less.