DCP10 Pneumatic Dust Collection Systems

Breaking is a dirty job but with a dust collector, the operator is protected against the most harmful dust.  Atlas Copco's pneumatic dust collectors use vacuum technology to efficiently remove dust directly at the source and keep the silica dust* level on your construction site below permissible exposure limit.  They work indoors as well as outdoors.  They don't require power, only a reliable source of compressed air.



DCP 10 Single Breaker Application AC-8311032515 QUOTE
DCP 10 Rock Drill Application AC-8311032520 QUOTE


Weight, including Tri-pod lbs 55
Air Consumption - 1 tool cfm 25
Air Consumption - 2 tools cfm  50
Vacuum Suction mm H2O 1380
Air Inlet in 1/2
Suction Hose in 1 1/2
Collection Bag in 22 x 28
Height (total) in 52


Spare Parts List 


DCP 10 2 Tool Conversion Kit 8311032518 QUOTE   Plastic Bag Kit - 50 bags 3310101353 $437.70
Trolley 8311032514 $931.67   Filter Kit - 4pcs  3310101385 $2,571.45
Tool Holder for Breaker 3310101108 QUOTE   Bellow Kit - 10 pcs 3310101352 $334.98

*Silica is found in soil, sand, quartz, stone, concrete, brick and mortar.  It is one hundred times smaller than beach sand.  Most common high exposure construction activities include sand blasting, sawing brick or concrete, sanding or driling walls, grinding mortar and cutting, breaking, or crushing stone or concrete.  Silica exposure poses a hazard and risk for lung caner, kidney disease and kidney failure, silicosis (pulmonary fibrosis, incurable lung disease - symptoms include shortness of breath, fatigue, chest pain and respiratory failure), and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) which includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis which is non-reversible and could progressively worsen.

OSHA Requirements for Vacuum Dust Collection System (VDCS)

Workers use commercially available VDCS's for jackhammers and hand-held powered chipping tools to reduce silica exposure.  A VDCS includes a:

  • Hood or shroud for the tool that is recommended by the manufacturer
  • Vacuum pressure meeting the specifications recommended by the tool manufacturer with enough suction to capture dust at the cutting point
  • Dust collector equipped with a filter efficienty of 99% or greater and a filter-cleaning mechanism
  • Vacuum exhaust hose capable of providing the airflow recommended by the tool manufacturer - 1.5" to 2.0" diameter is typically adequate.

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