Heavy Weight (50lb Class) Rock Drills

Whether you are in construction or quarrying, you want a rock drill that is productive, comfortable and safe. Meet the new generation of surface rock drills, the SRD range.  


  • Quarrying
  • Production drilling
  • Mining

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  • Single body design - More reliability and easier to service.  This solid housing eliminates leakeages and increases the lifetime of the cylinder.  You can (dis)assemble the SRD easily, so service becomes a breeze.
  • Assisted Flushing Technology - Uninterruped drilling and 17% more productivity.  Turn the flashing valve open to active the SRD's Assisted Flushing Technology.  This allows an additional flow of compressed air through a pathway in the cylinder, flushing the drill hole without interrupting operations.
  • Ergonomic handles - 50% lower hand and arm vibrations.  Lower vibrations mean more comfort and you can work longer with your drill.  An SRD drill has a vibration level that is 50% lower than that of a comparable RH rock drill of the previous generation.
  • Improved silencer - Noise redutions with 2dB may not seem a lot, but it makes a lot of difference, especially if you run more than one drill at the same time.
  • Quick tool changes - kick-latch retainers allow you to quickly and easily swap tools.
  • Comfortable drilling - built-in silencers, a lightweight design and vibration reducers ensure safe and comfortable operations.  Thanks to HAPS (Hand and Arm Vibration Protection System), vibrations are reduced up to 75%.
  • Balanced performance - these surface rock drills are designed for excellent balance, without adding unnecessary weight.
Part No. Description Shank size (in) Weight (lb)

Length (in)

Air consumption (cfm) Impact frequency (bpm) Rotation speed (rpm) Price
AC-8311032509 SRD 25E 1 x 41/4 60 24  106  2040  215 $2,590.00
AC-8311032510 SRD 25E 7/8 x 41/4 60 24 106  2040 215  $2,590.00