Heavy Weight Paving Breakers

TEX P60-P90 TEX 33


TEX P90S Breaker

With the TEX P90 we concentrated on two key factors for demanding customers:  Performance and Reliability.  The TEX P0 is designed from a one-piece, solid-cast housing, which eliminates the need for separate front heads, back heads, and side bolts.  This design means 30% fewer parts than in traditional breakers.  And fewer parts mean fewer breakdowns.

The TEXP90 is the most hard-hitting breaker in the TEX range and ideal for demanding demolition jobs in hard materials.


Easy to maneuver—With a low center of gravity, these breakers are well-balnaced and easy to handle.  The unique air inlet swivel, which can be rotated even when pressurized, ake the TEX breakers still eaiser to maneuvre.

  • Reduced Wear—The anvil bock, a tried and tested design from earlier heavy models, not only helps handle the great impact energy, but also helps avoid damage to the hammer mechanism from worn out chisel shanks.
  • Controlled Power—There is an abundance but it is easy to control.  Thanks to the SOFSTART™ two-step trigger, the operator can begin to hammer slowly, setting the chisel where it's needed, without a lot of wasted effort
  • Full-Shift Lubricator—The built-in lubricator ensures sufficient lubrication to minimize tool wear.  It is easily accessible, accepts both mineral and synthetic oils and holds enough oil for an entire shift.
  • Air-Cushioned Action The TEX P90 features air-cushioned piston return.  This means less vibration during back hammering and blank hammering, which reduces stress on man and machine.
  • Silencer—The silencer significantly redices the noise level.  Thanks to its slim design, it provides a full view of the chisel and work piece for maximum control.
  • Typical Application Areas
    • General Demolition
    • For use in Medium to Hard Materials
    • Hard and Reinforced Concrete


We have used scientific methods to improve efficiency and ergonomics in breaking equipment for 60 years.  The RTEX is the nexus of our efforts.

First of all the RTEX is 25% lighter, yet it has more power.  Secondly it uses 50% less air than a conventional breaker.  And thirdly, RTEX has stiff handles with vibration values comparable to machines with flexible anti-vibration handles.  These advantages mean you can save big chunks of both money and time.

Thanks to the unique piston design, the RTEX doubles the interaction time compared to ordinary breakers.  That means you can use an RTEX breaker and still match the breaking power of a much heavier breaker.  The efficient stroke mechanism radically lowers energy consumption.  A comparable TEX uses 34 litres of air per second.  The RTEX uses only 18 litres per second.  That save you money on fuel by allowing you to downsize on the compressor or run several breakers on the existing equipment.


  • Precision Breaking—The improved SOFSTART™ system helps you slowly release the energy of the breaker as it's needed.  It gives you perfect control when making crucial first cuts.
  • Double Up—RTEX is so clever it can cut your air consumption by half.  Get a smaller compressor or run two on one.  Either way you save money.
  • Piston Design and Interaction Time  - The long piston design gives more interaction time than a shorter conventional piston.  And with more interaction time for each blow, the power produced with the RTEX is more effective for breaking concrete.
  • Less Vibration at the Source - The counter force when the piston moves downwards is constant due to the Constant Pressure Chamber.  This minimizes the vibration the operator is exposed to.  In an ordinary breaker the pressure above and below the piston is constantly shifting in both places.  This adds to the machine vibrations.
  • Air Cushions Protect You - Air cushions, above and below the piston, protect both you and the RTEX during operation.  As the piston reaches its end position air cushions are gradually activated.
  • RHEX - The Power Chisel - Less weight and vibration - the RHEX chisel is specifically designed for the RTEX.  It maximizes the power from the piston to the ground and it's also lighter than a conventional chisel, which makes handling easier.  The concave design facilitates transport of broken material in order to increase effectiveness, since broken material acts as a dampener.  The design also reduces the risk of jamming.


  • Service jobs
  • General demolition
  • For use in soft and medium hard material

TEX 40PE Heavy Demolition Breakers  - No Weakness Here

What more could you want from a class of heavy pneumatic breakers:  good power-to-weight ratio, reduced noise and vibration, and extremely durable and productive.  For years, these heavy TEX breakers have been proving their value to customers worldwide, under the most demanding of conditions.

This series incorporates the TEX 40PE with spring dampened handles allowing up to 7 times the trigger time of conventional fixed-handled machines at a given level of vibration-exposure for the operator.  By reducing the in-use vibration value of the machine, Atlas Copco's HAPS system decreases the negative effects of harmful vibration at a given trigger time.  Coupled with the slim silencers, which reduces the noise level by up to 75%, while still providing full view of the chisel, you have machines that can be used for prolonged periods and are extremely productive.


  • The Slim Silencer cuts noise levels by up to 75%, as compared to the same machine without noise reduction, and provides the operator with a full view of the chisel.
  • The long piston head gives very good guidance in the cylinder, which reduces wear on both components
  • Reduced Wear - The anvil block, a tried and tested design from earlier heavy models, not only helps handle the great impact energy, but also helps avoid damage to the hammer mechanism from worn out chisel shanks.
  • The air inlet swivel can be rotated when needed - even when pressurized.  This makes the TEX breaker one very maneuverable machine and together with its excellent balance, gives the operator an easy machine to work with, even under difficult worksite conditions.
  • An integrated lubricator helps minimize tool wear.  It holds enough lubricant to last an entire shift.  In freezing conditions, it can also be used for anti-freeze.
  • Spring dampened handles reduce the negative effects of harmful vibrations
  • Air cushioned action - when the machines are working off-load, the piston  turns on air cushions at either end of the cylinder, virtually eliminating metal-to-metal contact and reducing vibration and wear.
  • Typical Application Areas
    • General Demolition
    • Medium and Hard Materials such as asphalt and concrete

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Part No. Description Shank size (in) Weight (lbs) Length (in) Air consumption (cfm) Impact frequency (bpm) Silenced Vibration Reduced Price
AC-8461013520 RTEX 35 1-1/8 x 6 74 34  46 660  Yes  Yes $1,740.00
AC-8461013530 RTEX 35 1-1/4 x 6 74 34  46 660   Yes Yes $1,740.00
AC-8461022822 TEX P90S 1-1/8 x 6 101 28 85 1260 Yes Yes $1,475.00
AC-8461022823 TEX P90S 1-1/4 x 6 101 28 85 1260 Yes Yes $1,475.00
AC-8461022805 TEX 40PE 1-1/8 x 6 93 30 85 1110 Yes Yes $1,815.00
AC-8461022804 TEX 40PE 1-1/4 x 6 93 30 85 1110 Yes Yes $1,815.00