Light Weight Drill/Chipper

DKR 36R Pneumatic Rock Drill - .580" x 3 12"

The DKR 36 is a dual-function pneumatic drill/chipper that weighs just 9.3 lbs.

It's a machine that packs a powerful punch. Despite its light weight and compact size, you can get more work done - up to two to three times more - than with a comparable electric drill. It's also a lot more robust, and will not burn out when pushed hard.


This dual-function machine can be used for both chipping and drilling. Changing between the different modes is simple: just exchange the chipping tool for a drill steel, and the DKR 36 automatically switches to the drilling function.

  • More productive than an electric drill/chipper
  • Powerful, yet light weight
  • Two functions in one machine
  • Built-in lubricator for easy maintenance
  • Quick-coupling chuck for fast tool changes

Where to Use It

  • General chipping and scaling work
  • Drilling plug holes 8-38mm in diameter
  • Hole depths of up to 300mm
  • Material: concrete or brick floors, walls and roofs for pipe cable and ventilation duct installation
  • Drilling wedge holes for rock splitting
  • Underwater drilling

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Part No. Description Shank size (in) Weight (lb) Length (in) Air consumption (cfm) Impact frequency (bpm) Rotation speed (rpm) Penetration rate (in/min) Hose connection (in) Price
AC-8463010350 DKR 36 R 34 x 3 14 10 14 34 21.3 2820 250 7.1 34 $1,105.00