TEX 10 PS KL Pick Hammer

TEX 10PS KL Pneumatic Hammer - 7/8 x 3-1/4" Hex

The TEX 10 pick hammer is a light, compact all-rounder that you'll really appreciate having around when you need a heavy hitter. With its long piston stroke and relatively low frequency, you can work quickly and effectively in concrete, hard brick and other hard materials.

High Performance/Weight Ratio

Operators like the TEX 10 because it's easy to handle. It weights just 27-1/2 lbs. and at 21-1/2" is comparatively short. Add to this, the high impact energy, and you have a tool that in relation to its size and weight, hits surprisingly hard.

This is especially true if you compare it with an electric tool of the the same weight class: pneumatic hammers are known to deliver significantly more hitting power - sometimes as much as 100% more.




  • Light-duty chipping and scaling work
  • Renovation and conversion work
  • Demolition


TEX 10PSKL Pneumatic Pick Hammer AC-8461021132 $1,145.00
Hammer Type   Standard
Hammer Version   Silenced
Shank Size in  7/8 x 3 1/4
Weight lbs 27.6
Length in 21.5
Air Consumption cfm 0.75
Impact Rate bpm 1600
Vibration Level 3 Axes (ISO 28927-10) m/s2 15.4
Sound Power Level Guaranteed (2000/14/EC) dB(A) 105
Sound Pressure Level (ISO 11203) dB(A) 92
Tool Retainer   Kick Latch



Paving Breaker Tools



Spare Parts List
Safety & Operating Instructions


Service Kit - TEX10 PSKL 3310102446 $53.48   Rock Drill Oil - 1 Gal RDO1G $42.00
Kick Latch Tool Retainer 3360994524 $66.93   Rock Drill Oil - 5 Gal RDO5G $122.00
VAM 01 US Water Separator 8092011059 $241.77   Whip Check WCSML $12.50
VAM 05 US Water Separator 8092011083 $1,369.32   Contractors Air Hose - 50' AIRH-19-50R $124.00
CLG 30 US Lubricator 8202510240 $286.26   Air King Universal Coupling AM8 $10.20
Complete Claw Coupling US 3/4" 9001000506 $15.27   Whip Hose Assy w/ 3.7oz Lubricator TX7HW $99.10
        Whip Hose Assy w/ 11.0oz Lubricator TX12HW $134.25
Vacuum Dust Extraction Kit for Paving Breakers & Rock Drills  PB-RD-VDEX-KIT $1,545.00   Dust Control Spray Kit 9753300015 $132.58

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