TEX 1133 Rivet Busters

TEX 1133 Rivet Busters - 11" Stroke

The TEX rivet busters are tough, powerful tools designed for heavy demolition work.  Their long stroke and high impact energy, coupled with the ergonomics of the rivet buster value, make them ideal for extended demolition use. Even a paving breaker would need to twice as heavy to deliver an equivalent blow.

Users have discovered many new applications for rivet busters for working in both concrete and steel.  No longer is the rivet buster used exclusively by iron workers for forming and cutting rivets, but has now found its way into the hands of operators who need the most powerful tool for the job.

Description   TEX 1133RD TEX 1133RP
Part No   AC-9238981785 AC-9246020660
Shank Size   Jumbo Jumbo
Weight lbs 33 33
Length in 50 50
Air Consumption cfm 25.5 25.5
Impact Rate bpm 850 850
Handle Type   D-Handle Open Handle
Trigger Type   Inside Outside
Air Inlet in 1/2 NPT 1/2 NPT
Price   $1,625.00 $1,625.00

** Requires US Claw Coupler 9246020439


Rivet Buster Tools


Spare Parts List
Safety & Operating Instructions


Universal Repair Kit UREPAIR-RB $28.57   Rock Drill Oil - 1 Gal RDO1G $42.00
Universal Retainer Springs - Bag of 25 USPRG-RB-BAG $62.00   Rock Drill Oil - 5 Gal RDO5G $122.00
Upper Sleeve 9247985510 $36.63   Line Oiler LO-10PF $81.00
Lower Sleeve 9247985520 $35.58   Whip Check WCSML $12.50
Bumper 9247985530 $11.35   Contractors Air Hose - 50' AIRH-19-50R $124.00
Spring 9247985490 $7.55   Hose Whip Assy w/ 1.4 oz Lubricator TX2HW $86.65
1/2" NPT Swivel 9245996850 $48.26   Hose Whip Assy w/ 3.7 oz Lubricator TX5HW $99.10
Claw Coupler US 9246020439 $9.36   Whip Hose w/ 1/2" NPT Swivel 9246020364 $88.19
Vacuum Dust Extraction Kit RB-VDEX-KIT $1,480.00   Dust Control Spray Kit 9753300015 $146.87

** Whip hose is sold separately