Rig-Mounted Hydraulic Breakers

History of the excavator hydraulic hammer

Hydraulic breakers are the oldest hydraulic attachments for carriers.  The first serial manufactured rock hammer was the the Krupp HM 400 in 1967 and the patent was secured in 1963.  Excavator jack hammers are impact devices designed to break any kind of rock or concrete with any hardness or physical property.  They have a wide range of applications such as demolition, deconstruction, primary rock excavation, secondary rock breaking, trenching, foundation work, asphalt cutting and many others.

Today our excavator hydraulic hammers are available from 110lbs to 22,000lbs of operating weight for any kind of carrier.  Over sixty years of development of the breaker hammers has produced advances at different levels, such as self-lubricating systems, sound and vibration damped systems, automatic rock hardness adjusting systems, energy recovery, solid body concept and much more.


Premium Hydraulic Breaker


Essential Hydraulic Breaker

(similar to the RX series)

This range of premium brakers give you everything you want from a hydrualic breaker:  efficient and highly adaptable products that combine superior efficiency and performance with high durability and low impact on the environment   Our essential range offers a good price-performance ratio paired with the reliability that you expect of an Epiroc breaker.  Many well-known features make these breakers into durable workhorses that will give you good results in a wide range of day-to-day breaking tasks.