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atlas copco atlas copco rock drill

Hydraulic Powered Rock Drills

Atlas Copco Hydraulic Rock Drills

This lightweight tool is designed for drilling blast, anchor and rock-splitting holes. Used for example by contractors, armies and utilities who want convenient and efficient drilling without large compressors.

rhinorock drills

Pneumatic / Air Powered Rock Drills

APT Air Powered Rock Drills

Used in general construction, utility work, and plant maintenance. These drills are designed for drilling through granite, hard faced rock, quarry drilling and drilling secondary holes for blasting. They are also used with dowel hole drilling machines.

rhinocp rock drill

Pneumatic / Air Powered Rock Drills

CP - Chicago Pneumatic Rock Drills

Designed for a wide variety of constructions and maintenance applications such as driving or setting masonry anchors and drilling holes in concrete, bricks or rock. As a hammer, these tools can be used for chipping, scarifying, scaling and cleaning welds.

Gas Powered Drill

combra combi gas powered toolor redhawk tool

Gas Powered Drill Tool

Flexible, Portable, Self-contained Rock Drilling Power!

  • No compressor or hydraulic source needed.
  • VERSATILE! Besides rock drilling, you can also driving posts, break concrete, cut asphalt, drill rock, split rock, dig, tamp and compact soil.


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