Rivet Busters

Choosing a Rivet Buster

The rivet buster looks very similar to the Chipping Hammer but is larger in size but don’t let this tools similarity to its smaller cousin fool you. By weight – it is the hardest hitting of all the demolition hammers. A 35 pound 11” stroke tool hits as hard as a 60 pound paving breaker! These tools usually will have an 8 or 11” stroke which again corresponds to amount of blows per minute vs power per each blow. They were originally used for slicing through steel rivets but have evolved to be more commonly used in rock and concrete work due to their relatively small size and massive impact energy. These tools will have a pistol grip or D handle and are suitable for horizontal work and some vertical work. A pistol grip will have an outside push trigger and a D handle will have an inside pull trigger.

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