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Choosing a Paving Breaker (Jackhammer)

Paving Breakers are T handled tools made to run vertically and break up rock and concrete or cut asphalt. Unlike the smaller tools which differentiate their power based on the bore and stroke of the tool – breakers are sold by the weight class. The classes are generally close to the actual weight of the tool itself ranging from 25lb class to the big 90lb class tools. To determine which tool is best for you - you want to determine what work you will normally be doing with the tool. Generally speaking – a 40lb breaker is good for 4” concrete, 60lb for 6” and a 90lb for 9”. The tradeoff here is weight vs ease of use. A lighter tool will be easier to handle but you will have to handle it for a longer period of time.

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Choose Your Power Source:

Chicago Pneumatic Red Hawk Gas Paving Breaker Chicago Pneumatic logo

Red Hawk Gas Breaker:

  • With a light weight of 55 pounds, the breaker has a full speed impact rate of 1,440 blows per minute (bpm)
  • Same power-to-weight ratio as pneumatic or hydraulic breakers without any power source or hoses - the Red Hawk delivers a powerful breaking force
  • Ideal for general construction, demolition and road building applications
  • Wide range of tools - you can use the Red Hawk for everything from cutting and breaking to driving and compacting.

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Atlas Copco Cobra Combi Gas Paving Breaker Atlas Copco Logo

Cobra Gas Breakers / Drills:

  • Hit harder than a 60 lb. air breaker
  • Hit twice as hard as an electric breaker
  • 3 Models - Cobra Combi, Cobra Pro, and Cobra TT
  • With a range of 18 different tools, you can use the Cobra Combi for everything from cutting and breaking, to drilling, driving and compacting
  • Cleaner emissions, lower vibrations, less noise

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Atlas Copco Breakers:

  • With a weight of up to 66 pounds, the breaker has a full speed impact rate of up to 2100 blows per minute (bpm).
  • Ideal for general construction, demolition and road building applications
  • Wide range of uses thanks to their amazing impact energy: use on concrete, asphalt and frozen ground.
  • Can also be used for trenching, tie-tamping, spike driving and general demolition.
Atlas Copco High Back Hydrualic Paving Breaker

High Back Pressure Breakers:

** NEW **
Now you can use your skid steer, backhoe, excavator or tractor to power your Breaker.
These tools are designed to work with high back pressure and represent a breakthrough in versatility.

Chicago Pneumatic Breakers:

  • Range includes flexible, lightweight models up to super heavy-duty models hitting as hard as a small rig-mounted breaker
  • Fitted with flat face EHTMA quick-release couplings for fast, easy connections
  • Vibration Reduced Models (VR) and High Back Pressure Models (HBP)

Rhino Tools Breakers:

  • Exceptionally strong, perfect for all jobs requiring extreme power
  • Demolish concrete, asphalt, block, brick, rock and many other materials

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