Darda Splitter Size 9 W/ Gas Power Pack


Weight: 149 lbs

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Darda Size 9 with Gas Power Pack

The No. 9 cylinder is recommended where work is light or in a confined area.  All cylinders operate up to 7100 psi.  A complete unit consists of a cylinder, 30' high and low pressure hoses, high and low pressure whips, quick connect couplings, hydraulic pump and lubricant.


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Model: #9
Weight (lb):  50
Length (in): 40
Max Expansion (in): .78
Size Hole Required (in): 1-3/4
Min Hole Depth (in): 18
Max Splitting Force (tons):  220
Model:  Gasoline 01
Weight (lb): 78
Height (in):  21-1/4
Width (in): 18
Depth (in): 12-1/2
Oil Capacity (gal): 5
Motor: 3.75 hp B&S Gas Engine
Cylinder Parts Manual:  /476.htm
Power Units Parts Manual: /513.htm
Safety and Operating Instructions:  /assets/files/docs/DardaProductManual.pdf
Plub & Feather Lubricant MSDS Sheet:  /assets/files/DARDA%20PLUG%20&%20FEATHER%20LUBE%20MSDS.pdf
Plug - Size 9 D010-9
Feather - Size 9 D011-9
Englarging Feather - Size 9 D011-93
Block Manifold - used to run 2 cylinders D016-13
Block Manifold - used to run 3 cylinders D016-14
Block Manifold - used to run 4 cylinders D016-15
Plug & Feather Lubricant - 1/2 pt can D00-HPT
Plug & Feather Lubricant - 1 pt Can D00-PT
Plug & Feather Lubricant - Case of 12 - 1/2 pt Cans D014-3
Plug & Feather Lubricant - Case of 12 -1 pt Cans D014-4
Betonamit Non-Explosive Cracking Agent BETON-TYPR
High Pressure Hose - 50' D016-50
Low Pressure Hose - 50' D016-51
Quick Connect Coupler D016-26
Coupler Cover D016-27
1/4 Female x 3/8 Male Reducer D437
Low Pressure Hose Connector D438


NRCDES 6071090300


  • Model: DARDA01-9