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Powerful and PORTABLE - DIESEL powered

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Rotary Screw Air Compressor with Power Take-off Technology
  • Sullair® Air Ends - Exclusive to VanAir products
  • The innovative in-tank air/oil separator.
lifetime warranty

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Viper Portable Diesels Powered Air Compressor

For a high-performance air compressor that delivers proven performance on or off your truck, you need a Vanair Viper Series Engine-Driven Air Compressor. This compact and rugged, diesel-powered unit can be easily loaded and unloaded from your pickup for maximum versatility. The Viper is ideal for monument engraving, irrigation service, rental markets, post pounding, directional boring, and general construction.

ModelPart No.Price
Viper Diesel 80 CFM Air Compressor 050850 $14,660.00

Compressor Dimensions with fittings (in): 48L x 21W x 33H
Dry Weight (lbs): 800

Capacity (CFM) 80
Air Pressure (psi) 100
Full Load Engine Speed (rpm) 3600

Special Features


  • Vanguard Lifetime Warranty on air end
  • Direct drive - no belts
  • Oil-injected rotary screw air end encapsulated
  • Powder-coated, galvanneal sheet metal enclosure
  • Spin-on air-oil separating element
  • Lifting Bail


  • Make:  Kubota
  • Fuel Type:  Diesel
  • Engine Type:  3 cylinder
  • Horsepower:  24.8HP
  • Fuel Tank Capacity:  9 US Gal.


  • Conveniently located electronic, easy-to-start instrumentation
    panel features an hour meter, pressure and temperature readout,
    fuel gauge and engine rpm.
  • Control panel can be remote mounted with extension harness


  • High-temperature shutdown, compressor and engine
  • Low engine oil pressure shutdown
  • Air pressure-relief safety valve
  • Minimum pressure valve
  • Automatic blowdown on shutdown
  • Oil fill plug safety relief
Capacity (CFM) 80
Air Pressure (psi) 100
Full Load Engine Speed (rpm) 3600
Standard Accessories
After Cooler 600001-001P $900.00
After Cooler w/ Moisture Separator  32144-001 zzpc1
Dual Pressure Option 100/150 32377-001 zzpc1
Moisture Separator (Control Line) 261320 zzpc1
Moisture Separator (Service Line) 265243 zzpc1
Tool Lubricator 265242 zzpc1
Filter Regulator Lubricator - 1" 264490 zzpc1
Filter Regulator Lubricator - 1/2" 264493 zzpc1
Airline De-Icer 32515 zzpc1
OSHA Valve (60/125 CFM) 43480 zzpc1
OSHA Valve (125/160 CFM) 260692 zzpc1
Hose Reel - 3/4" x 50' (Auto Rewind) 263914 zzpc1
Hose Reel - 1/2" x 50' (Auto Rewind) 263445 zzpc1
Air Receiver Tank - 20 Gallon 32714 zzpc1
Air Receiver Tank - 30 Gallon OA49645 zzpc1
Standard Maintenance Parts
Oil Filter 261991 $11.69
Air Filter 264418 zzpc1
External Spin-On Coalescing Element 262715 zzpc1
Maintenance Kit KIT1060 zzpc1
Vanguard Green Biodegradable Oil - 4 Gal Pkg 264626-4GREEN zzpc1
Vanguard Synthetic Rotary Screw Oil - 4 Gal Pkg 264626-4PACK zzpc1
Vanguard Synthetic Rotary Screw Oil - 5 Gal Pail 264626-5GAL zzpc1
Van Guard Synthetic Rotary Screw Oil - 55 Gal Drum 264626-55GAL zzpc1

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