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Secondary splitting - large rocks reduced economically and rapidly

The Job:

In Danderyd, Sweden, a recycling plant performed the task of reducing large rocks from building sites in the surrounding district.

The Requirements:

Many of these boulders were so large that the recycling plant was unable to handle them itself. Explosives were therefore used to demolish them on a factory site.
The problems presented in this case were as follows:

  • Explosives could only be used after stringent safety regulations.
  • It was necessary to move people, machines and vehicles into positions of safety.
  • When explosives were being used, even the recycling plant itself was at risk.
The Solution:

Instead of explosives, a Darda type C 3 N splitting cylinder and an electric motor unit was used to reduce the large pieces of rock. Advantages:

  • One worker could split 60 - 70 pieces of rock in an eight-hour shift.
  • The splitter could be used at any time. No safety measures were required.
  • The factory could operate uninterrupted resulting in substantial savings in costs and time.