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Excavation of rock - huge volumes of rock demolished

The Job:

The firm of Woo Sung Construction & Engineering Co. Ltd. was contracted to prepare a site outside a town in Korea for the construction of residential buildings. This involved demolishing around 170,000 cubic meters of hard granite over an area of 7.5 acres.

The Requirements:

A hydraulic demolition hammer proved unsuccessful. Since the site was surrounded by residential buildings, it was necessary to avoid dust, noise and severe vibrations.

The Solution:

Three splitters, each consisting of three C 11 SL splitting cylinders and an A1 compressed air motor unit were sufficient to accomplish the entire operation. During operations, the workers paid particular attention to the natural structure of the rock. In this way, they were able to split pieces of rock approxi-mately 40 cm in diameter, which were then broken out with a hydraulic breaker. The material was then removed by truck. During a ten-hour working day, the workers removed some 260 m3 of hard granite using Darda hydraulic rock and concrete splitters.