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Demolition of heavily reinforced concrete
-Demolition Blast Furnace Foundations

The Job:

Demolition of the blast furnace foundations, measuring 16 m long, 16 m wide and 2.8 m high. The foundations contained 30 mm thick steel reinforcement.

The requirements:

Since a laboratory was located in the immediate vicinity, blasting, vibrations and severe shocks were prohibited.

The Solution:

First, a Darda DR 086 mini drill rig was used to drill the necessary holes. The workers then inserted the three C 11 SN splitting cylinders, powered by an E 2 electric motor unit, into the drill-holes. Under the combined splitting force of the cylinders, cracks approximately 5 mm wide were made in the concrete. A hydraulic chisel was used to expose the reinforcing rods, which could then be cut through and the concrete broken down into sections. Without the Darda splitter, which breaks down the structure of the concrete from inside, the hydraulic breaker would not have succeeded in demolishing the heavily reinforced concrete.