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Interior demolition work - CNC machines function while demolition work in progress

The Job:

This operation called for the removal of a reinforced concrete pillar measuring 0.6 m x 0.6 m from a factory.

The Requirements:

During the demolition it had to be possible for the CNC machines to continue working without disruption. This meant that dust, flying debris and vibrations must be prevented.

The Solution:

The requisite holes were drilled with a core hole drill, which functions without creating any dust or vibrations.
A single Darda C 9 N splitting cylinder, powered by a portable type EP electric unit, split the pillar, piece by piece, from top to bottom. In the process, no vibrations, dust or noise was created, allowing the factory machines to operate without interference and production to continue without interruption. A small forklift was used to remove the dislodged pieces of concrete from the rest of the pillar and to transport them out of the factory.