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Wall demolition - steel reinforced concrete pit demolished

The Job:

A large concrete pit had to be demolished. The pit
measured about 2.5 m deep, 4 m wide and 12 m
long. The concrete walls, around 30 cm thick, were
reinforced with medium-duty steel rods.

The Solution:

The Demolition was carried out with a C 9 N
splitting cylinder and an EP-type electric motor
unit. First, vertical and horizontal holes were
drilled at intervals of 0.6 - 0.7 m with a DR 086
mini drill rig. Following this, the concrete was split
piece by piece at every second or third drill-hole,
first horizontally, then vertically with a single
C 9 N splitting cylinder.

During this process, the reinforcing rods snapped
off, resulting in pieces of concrete measuring
around 0.6 x 0.6 m which the workers were easily
able to remove. The entire operation was completed in only 1.5 working days.